Films directed by Ilana Rein

Perception 2018

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Ellipse  2013

The Game is to seed the universe with organic material and where it starts life, we monitor and protect if from the opponent. We leave clues to where this life can be found while our opponent tries to prevent its discovery. It is a game of influence.

The greatest player we have known is Leo. He plays on Earth. 



We Are All Cylons  2011

A transmission, grounded as an entertainment, begins. Its dynamic message connects with people throughout the world. The viewer, who then becomes a fan, is compelled to spread and share the message. The story leaks into the real world because it resonates with real lives – a feedback loop of projection on the transmission medium has been created.

The word enthusiasm comes from entheos, meaning “having god within.” We Are All Cylons investigates our very human enthusiasm for technology and myth by examining the metaphysical resonances of the television series Battlestar Galactica.

This project is motivated in part by the intersections of technology and culture at the level of the individual, and the impact of these intersections on our lives. Specifically, We Are All Cylons explores the possibility of technological and biological immanence – transcendence manifest in the material world – and its circulation outward from its apparent science-fiction source. A documentary point-of-view provides an opportunity to confront central questions about our humanity, our susceptibility to myth, the fungible nature of our own identities, and what makes us human in the digital age.



Radio Prayer 2004 – 2005

Radio Prayer documents a United States encountered through footage recorded during two cross-country road trips. Radio broadcasts heard throughout the piece place the viewer in the not-too-distant past of the winter of 2004. At this time, the United States is fully engaged in Iraq and there are widespread concerns over the possibility of terrorist attacks during the Christmas holidays.

radio prayer“Protagonist,” who is seen periodically, continually switches stations, scanning the dial and piecing together meaning from fragments of news, music, and talk radio.

Throughout, Protagonist must navigate a shifting landscape of competing referents – from unabashed consumerism, ubiquitous pop culture, and historical appropriation, to nature’s neutrality toward human endeavors. In spite of the fundamentalist bias and political paranoia promulgated in many of the broadcasts, there is also hope from more sensible voices reaching out through the airwaves.

Rather than a jaundiced eye cast on the country, Radio Prayer is a quest for harmony between man’s cultural imprint and nature’s ineffable presence.

Periphery  2001 – 2007

Videos 1-3 are the first installments in an ongoing documentary project chronicling the personal experiences of Americans – New Yorkers mostly – and their specific responses to world events.

peripheryThe first part was filmed 5 weeks after September 11, 2001 and part two was filmed in July of 2002. The project evolved as a response to what can be described as media complicity in creating a seemingly endless war, a war that is inextricably linked to private interests but is couched in patriotic fervor. The video explores how ordinary people – not WTC workers, widows or firemen – cope with the new, immediate aspects of a changed world. Parts 4 and 5, shot in intervals over the years, are in post-production Periphery was screened at the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center in July of 2002. Projects have been screened at film festivals, theaters, galleries and universities internationally. Photography work has appeared in numerous publications.