Ilana Rein is a Los Angeles and New York City ┬ábased director and screenwriter. Her films have been screened at film festivals, galleries and Universities internationally. It’s been written that Rein is “spearheading a new genre” * which blurs the line between Science Fiction and reality and that her work demonstrates a “…profound hunger to connect through art…stories that feel directly relevant to the challenges of the modern day.” **

After receiving her Master of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Rein started her career as a photographer with her work being widely exhibited and published. Rein began directing films after the events of 9/11 and her first, Periphery, became an official selection of the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center (now NYFF’s Views from the Avant Garde) in 2002.

The roots of the new films are Rein’s award-winning film We Are All Cylons. For it she immersed herself in the world of AI and as part of the creative process, imagined making the film as an AI would.*** That film had its world premiere at Sci-Fi London Film Festival in 2011. It continues to screen.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Wired, Doubletake, Scientific American, 9/9 Paris and Art in America. Articles and interviews with Think Progress, Wired, Earth2Hub and Arc Finity – the futurist /art journal – can be found online.

Ilana Rein is co-writer and director of Ellipse, a science fiction film shot on location at The Royal Observatory and The Queen’s House (both historically protected sites) in the U.K. To prepare, Rein researched the locations and history extensively and collaborated with professors at MIT and Princeton. ┬áThat film had its world premiere in May, 2013 at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London. Ellipse is inspiration for Out of the Everywhere and is the prequel to Alignment Project a film inspired by the remote Arizona desert in which Rein lived for a year.

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